Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Everyone is anxious for spring this year, myself included.  We actually had a few wonderful warm days last week, but a cold front moved in on Sunday and now we are back down in the 20's and 30 degree temperatures ....burr!  Despite the cold weather I've decided to brighten up the house a bit for spring.

I've started in the living room by taking out the flannel, wool and fur items and brought in some spring accents.  A wonderful way to add a touch of spring and freshness to a room can be done by adding soft fabrics and lighter delicate colors.  All of this can be done without spending a lot of money.  You can even rearrange the furniture for a new fresh look.

The first thing I did in the living room was to replace the snowflake/winter pillows with cozy soft spring pillows.

The nest pillow I made a few years ago was placed in the basket of blankets.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Can you believe it?  It's April and we have a major winter storm advisory for our area today and Friday.  They are even saying that we may receive up to an inch of snow a hour.  I'm so ready for spring to come.  With that in mind, I've started to add a few touches of spring in our home.

You may recall my spring artwork that I created a few years ago.  It's one of the most visited items on this blog.  It's seems a little crazy to me, the things that get visited the most often at Thrifty Parsonage Living are often items I've quickly put together on a whim.  The other visited often is my Epsom Salt Ornaments and Candle.

If you would like to see the full instructions on how I made this,

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm finally back after a little bit of recovery time following my oral surgery. In a previous post I share our guest room makeover. I promised to share the  tutorial on how I made the curtains for this room.

Let's start out by talking about the fabric I used for these curtains.  

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hi everyone, you might be wondering why you haven't heard from me for a little while. Well, I had unexpected oral surgery and haven't  been up to much, other than trying to recover.  

I thought I would take this opportunity to have a guest post from Mel and Nader at Duo Ventures.  If you have not read their blog you've been missing out!  I love pretty much every makeover and organizing idea that they have shared on their blog.  They are a young husband/wife team,  who blog about design, DIY projects and organization.  You can head over and read more if you enjoy this post from them at Duo Ventures.

In the post below they'll tell you how they turned their dining room into an office.... enjoy!

 All the  images and content below are courtesy from the Duo Ventures.

Turning a Dining Room into an Office: Part 2

Well, we're happy to say that a lot has changed in our former dining room!  Several months ago, we made the decision to utilize our formal dining room as a home office instead.  We left off in Part 1, where we outlined our general plans & inspiration for our future office.  If you follow us on Instagram you might have gotten a couple of sneak peeks along the way.  There are still a couple of small projects that we need to complete, but for the most part the room is finished!  

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Hi everyone!  I just stopped in to tell you that I haven't forgotten you.  It's just that I've been very busy with things here.  I was sick and then was busy with some projects.  I'm now working on items for our Woman's National Day Of  Prayer.  Our church is hosting the event this year and it will be held next Friday, March  7th.

Once I'm finished with the work for church, I'll be back here and writing a few posts.  One will be a tutorial on how I made the curtains for our guest bedroom.

I'll be looking forward to tell you how I made these curtains on a very limited budget.  Hope you'll join me.  Until then have a great day!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Can you believe it's a year ago today, we were on the road moving from Washington to our new home in Minnesota. Time sure flies by quickly.  Looking back over the year, I realized that I have not shown you all of the rooms in the new Parsonage.  Over the next weeks I plan to do just that, along with showing you the projects completed in each room.

Today, I will start with our guest bedroom which is in the basement of our home.

Now this room looked nothing like the photo posted above.  In fact the room looked pretty tough.  All the carpets had been ripped out of the room a few years ago because of water getting into the basement.  At the time of the water issue, they had to rip up all the carpets in the entire basement and lay tile.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I'm glad to finally be back after a bit of break. We made an unexpected and quick trip  to Washington.  We were pleasantly surprised with a suggestion from our church council, to go out to see our children and new grandchild.  We are so thankful for this lovely trip.  We were able to celebrate a belated Christmas with our family, my husband and son's birthday, have breakfast with friends and welcome a new little grand daughter into our lives, all in three days time.

We're so thankful to the Lord for her safe arrival, she is such a precious gift.   We are now the proud grandparents to three lovely granddaughter's.  Lord willing, we looking forward to adding another grandchild into our lives in July.

The only downfall of the trip was that the other two granddaughter's were sick while we were there with bad colds.  Well, guess what I took home with me?  You guessed it.... a cold with a bad cough.   I haven't felt up to much for the past few days, but today I'm feeling like I'm on the upswing and starting to get over it.

I actual got some cleaning done around the house and a small project for my kitchen.  Several years ago my husbands 95 year old grandmother passed away.  After her death the family started sorting through her things.  One of our nephews thought her old recipe box was a treasure and took it and it's recipe cards.  He was to young to understand the sentimental meaning to these recipes and started to scatter them about.  My husband manage to save one of them.  He has had it tucked away in a file for the past years.  I'm also a sentimental person and have enjoyed having items from our grandparents displayed in our home.

I had a piece of Christmas art on our kitchen backslash and removed it while cleaning today.  It left a nail that I wanted to cover up, and thus came my inspiration of some new artwork.

Remembering the old recipe card, I removed it from the file.


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